Accion and Groupon Team Up to Help Businesses Rebuild Post-Sandy

On Monday, October 29, 2012 Hurricane Sandy swept across the Northeastern U.S. We had received warnings the week leading up to Sandy that she would be a strong storm. However, despite all of our preparations, no one was prepared for what we saw.

ImageAs we awoke on Tuesday morning, the sights and sounds of the devastation around us were profound. Our thoughts went to the safety of our colleagues, friends and family—at Accion, this includes the small businesses that we serve. We imagined storefront businesses that lost all inventory, online operations without internet service for days, and restaurants that simply could not open without power. And when we walked through our neighborhoods later that day, we realized that what we imagined was very, very true.

In response to Hurricane Sandy, Accion and Groupon have partnered again to support small business owners as they recover from the storm. From reconstruction of their businesses to equipment purchase, inventory and additional working capital, Accion’s microloans can help business owners get back up and running.

We’re proud to say that we immediately jumped into action, leveraging our partnership with Groupon to launch a Groupon Grassroots campaign to benefit Accion East and Online, the Accion U.S. Network member that serves New York City and New Jersey. The campaign will allow Accion to raise critical funds needed to ramp up small business lending in the region most heavily impacted by Sandy.

The campaign, which has already raised over $6,500 in two short days, follows the success of similar Groupon Grassroots campaigns run by Accion New Mexico in the aftermath of this past summer’s Colorado wildfires and by Accion Chicago and Accion San Diego for general microfinance programs.

It’s from your support that we can start helping to rebuild affected small businesses. Visit to donate $5, $10 or $25 to this cause today. 100% of your donation will support our clients in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. There’s only a limited time to take advantage of this campaign, so please donate now.

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